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Futures are contracts whereby the buyer or seller are obligated to transact an asset at a predetermined future date and price. At Phillip Futures, we offer a variety products such as metal, commodity, index, agricultural and energy futures for you to trade.




Free First 5 Lots Brokerage Fees for Bursa Products*
Applicable for FKLI, FCPO & FM70 only*
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What is Futures? 

Futures is a financial or commodity contract where the price is derived from its underlying assets.

Trading future is where a buyer and seller of a financial or commodity contract come together and agree on a price today, or deliver or settlement of the contract in the future.

It is a standardized agreement to buy or sell a quantified amount of instrument at specified price on a specified future date. The quantity and quality of the goods are specified in the contract and the price and delivery period are set at the time the contract is opened.


Stocks VS Futures

Stocks Futures
Buy Part ownership in the company

Entering into a contract. A contract to purchase the underlying commodity at a certain price in future


To pay full amount 100%

5% – 20% of the full contract value

Initiate buy position only

Can initiate to buy or sell
Exchange Bursa Malaysia Stock Exchange
  • Bursa Malaysia Derivatives
  • Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Clearing


Why Trade Futures?

Leverage – Enable you to trade higher valued products with a comparatively smaller amount of capital outlay.

Low Transaction Cost – Commission charges are relatively small as compared to share market. Commission for futures contracts are based on a fixed fee per lot per side, rather than a percentage of the contract value.

Availability to Short Trading Position – Capitalize on opportunities during a downtrend market. This can be used as hedging tool to minimize losses in the underlying product.

Global Market Accessibility – You can get access to a wide variety of products from commodities to international stock market exchanges.


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