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Weekly Commentaries 30/10/2017

Crude Palm Oil weekly

CPO prices closed higher last week buoyed by concern over production in coming weeks as weather concerns resurface towards year end. Price was also bolstered by strong performance in the palm oil exports mainly from major destinations. China geared up purchases of palm for the past couple of weeks as palm oil inventories in the country has significant declined. This create a buying window for palm oil before the winter kicks in towards the year end.

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Crude Palm Oil (Chinese) weekly


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Soft Commodities Weekly

Cocoa futures decreased 1.08 percentand settled at $2,115 per tonne, as buying interest waned and worries about weather in Ivory Coast began to subside.

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Financial weekly 

Bursa Malaysia snapped a two-week losing streak, helped by gains in heavyweight Tenaga Nasional after a surprise dividend.

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Crude Oil Weekly

Crude futures rallied on Friday, sending the global crude benchmark above $60 a barrel for the first time in more than two years and lifting the U.S. benchmark for the commodity to its highest finish in nearly eight months. Prices were trading in a weekly range between $51.55 and $54.20 per barrel.

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Metal Weekly

Gold prices rose on Friday, reversing earlier losses as the Catalonian parliament’s declaration of independence bolstered safe haven demand for the precious metal.

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