PTA J-Trader Server Migration FAQ

1. Which users are affected by this system migration?

Only PTA J-Trader (POEMS Professional) users are affected.


2. Why do I need to install the latest version of PTA J-Trader (POEMS Professional) application?

As part of our continuous commitment to provide better services and better user experience, we are performing a system upgrade for stability enhancement.


3.When do I need to install the latest application?

Clients that required to install the latest application are separate into few batches and the representative from Phillip Futures will be contacting the client.


4.What will happen if I do not install the latest application?

Clients must install the latest application for trading. Phillip Futures will not be responsible for any discrepancies happened if client place order using old version application.


5.Can I use Phillip Nova to trade?

In the event that you had installed the latest version application before Friday, 6 November 2020, do not use Phillip Nova to place any order until next week and use the latest application to place order only.


6.What else should I do other than installing a latest application?

Clients are required to cancel all GTC orders across all exchanges before the trade date Friday, 6 November 2020. Following the migration, you may reinsert your GTC working orders on Monday, 9 November 2020. For PTA J-Trader users that already installed and login using the latest application, cancellation of GTC order are not required.


7.How do I make sure that I am using the latest application?

Kindly ensure the “IP Address” and “Port” for “Server” and “Prices” are as image below.


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