Phillip CFD Trader

The ideal all-purpose trading platform new


Advanced Order Type

Advanced Order Types such as Stop Limit give you the flexibility to better deal with changing market conditions.


Live Charting

Bringing together the best of intraday and historical charting, Live Chart showcases historical data of up to 20 years, as well as to-the-minute live data for top 100 stocks listed under Bursa Malaysia.


Order & Price Alerts

Stock prices can quickly change with time. By setting up an alert, you’ll get notified as soon as the price goes up or down. This helps you make a better decision on when to open or close a trade. Also, get customizable, real-time updates on your desktop or email for your orders with our Live Order Notifications.


Download Phillip CFD Trader Platform

Follow the instruction on how to download the Phillip CFD Trader Platform to begin your trading:

Download Phillip CFD Trader Here

Phillip CFD Trader User Guide: User Guide

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