Executive, Operations (Credit Control / Client Risk Monitoring)

Responsibilities: Executive, Operations (Credit Control / Client Risk Monitoring)

  1. Monitors clients’ positions via the Risk Management System;
  2. Prepares aging report for the aging of margin call;
  3. Monitors margin call and notifies CMSRL of client’s position as required;
  4. Monitors on clients’ Eligibility Level (“EL”) and informs the Dealers to advise the clients to liquidate or top up funds immediately when the EL falls below the benchmark of 30%;
  5. Monitors each client’s open position to ensure clients trade within the permitted position limit;
  6. Informs CMSRLs / Locals whose open position has breached the position limit and advises to liquidate the excess positions immediately
  7. Monitors and reports immediately to Compliance on any daily irregular trading activities;
  8. Process new account opening for retail and corporate;
  9. Prepare and report position limits (if applicable) to exchanges;
  10. Prepare monthly report;
  11. Involved in UAT testing for system enhancement / new product launch;
  12. Assists back office in any matters relating to operation;
  13. Undertakes any assignments as and when instructed by the superior and/or the Management.
  14. You are required to adhere to the Company’s Information Technology (“IT”) Policy and/ or related regulatory policy pertaining to IT and intellectual property rights, and Bursa Malaysia Derivatives Berhad Trading Participant IT Security Standard (ITSS).



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