Contract For Differences (CFD) LIVE Webinar Series (FB)

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MODULE 1 : Contract For Differences – Getting Started on The Right Foot

• Why trade CFDs? – A unique opportunity to add to your trading arsenal

• Differences between trading stocks & stock CFDs

• How using CFDs can enhance your investment returns

• Do’s and Don’ts of trading CFDs – Understanding the pitfalls & opportunities



MODULE 2 : Strategies for Trading Stock CFDs

• Selecting stock to trade stock CFDs – Criteria to pick the correct stock to trade CFDs

• Day trading & Position trading – Using the correct strategy suitable for your goals

• Spotting stock winners & losers – Both can be beneficial

• Implementing Entry & Exits using ABC Charting Strategy



MODULE 3 : Risk & Money Management Principles for Trading CFDs

• Critical understanding leverage & how to use it wisely

• Learn stop loss and profit taking strategies

• How to determine the optimal trading exposure to ensure long term success

• Recognizing when to increase and when to decrease exposure

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David Lo is currently a full time trader and managing partner of Xmodeus Trading Group PLT, a consultancy specialising in providing bespoke trading strategies and coaching for private and corporate clients in the equity/commodity derivative markets.

He has 24 years of experience in Malaysian listed derivatives industry, having helmed leadership positions in futures broking divisions of major investment banks in Malaysia. He is also the immediate past President of the Malaysian Futures Brokers Association (MFBA) from 2018 -2019.

Since 2000, David has spoken in seminars and workshops to over 5000 retail traders on trading Bursa Malaysia Derivatives as well as foreign futures markets. This includes live market trading sessions & webinars.



Risk Disclaimer:
Trading in CFD carry a certain degree of risk and may not be suitable to all investors. You should fully understand the risks involved before you engage in trading these products.