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Phillip Futures Sdn Bhd is pleased to be one of Malaysia’s pioneer brokers to offer Contract For Difference (CFD). Phillip CFD offers sophisticated investor to trade Bursa Malaysia Top 100 shares CFD with a favorable leverage. What is more, now you can access global market by trading selected New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) Shares CFD and National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (NASDAQ) Shares CFD.

We DO NOT quote additional spreads on top of prevailing market prices, allowing our clients to have the same transparent pricing and liquidity to trade as stock trading. In short, our CFD clients will be participating in the market at price identical to that of the underlying stocks market.


Product List, Specifications & Trading Hours

Contract Specifications

Bursa Malaysia CFDs

Trading Hours Malaysia Time (Monday – Friday): 09.00 – 12.30 ; 14.30 – 16.45; 16.50 – 17.00
Settlement Currency MYR
Contract Size Minimum 100 units
Margin Requirement Please refer to the product list
Product List Bursa Product List



Contract Specifications


Trading Hours Malaysia Time(Monday – Saturday): 21.30 – 04.00 (Daylight Saving Time*)

Malaysia Time(Monday – Saturday): 22.30 – 05.00 (Non Daylight Saving Time)

* US Daylight Saving Time – begin each year at 02.00 on the 2nd Sunday of March and ends at 02.00 on the 1st Sunday of November

Settlement Currency USD
Contract Size Minimum 1 unit
Margin Requirement Please refer to the product list
Product List NYSE NASDAQ Product List
Trading Holidays 2022 Trading Holidays


Product Highlight Sheet and Disclaimer

Investors must understand and agree to the following terms & conditions when trading CFDs with us.


For more information on the new Contract For Difference (CFD), please do not hesitate to contact us at (603) 2162 1628 / (603) 2711 0026 or fill in your contact details below and our Marketing Personnel will assist you soonest possible.

*as per account opening information (for clients)
If YES, please fill in Phillip Futures Account Number. If NO, please state NIL

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