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How to Open an Account

Step 1: Kindly download, complete and sign the Account Opening Form and 2 Sets of Client Agreements.

Step 2: Prepare Required Documents (As stated below)

Step 3: Submit the duly completed Account Opening Form, 2 Sets of Client Agreements and Required Documents to us at our main office or any of our Investor Centres.

The requirements for opening an account are as follows:

Individual Client

  1. Photocopy of NRIC and
  2. Latest Bank Statement
  1. Photocopy of Passport and
  2. Latest Bank Statement

Corporate Client

Incorporated in Singapore/Malaysia/Others
  1. Latest Audited Financial Statements or Annual Report
  2. Certificate of Incorporation/Registration
  3. Memorandum and Articles of Association
  4. Directors’ Resolution
  5. List of Authorised Signatures and List of Authorised Traders
  6. Photocopies of NRIC/Passports of ALL Directors, Authorised Signatories, Authorised Traders and Shareholders

*Note: Additional document(s) may be required for compliance purposes.

Local Participant

Incorporated in Singapore/Malaysia/Others
  1. Completed Application Form
  2. Two Passport-Sized Colour Photographs
  3. Certified True Copy (CTC) of NRIC/Passport
  4. Copy of Statements of Saving or Deposits
  5. CTC Of The Referral Letters From 2 Referees (which should either be on the employer’s or Company letterhead and should include Designation, Qualification, Address and Contact Numbers)
  6. Local Agreement (3 Sets)
  7. Application Form, Signature Form, and Local User Form
  8. CTC of Academic/Professional Certificates Qualifications (at least Diploma)

*Note: Additional document(s) may be required for compliance purposes.

For foreign clients, please call or email us at the contact details below and our Marketing Personnel will assist you soonest possible.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact Futures Marketing at:
Phone: 03-9212 2820 / 03-9212 2828
E- mail:


Local Participant (Professional Trader)

A Local Participant (Professional Trader) is a professional derivatives trader who trades for his/her own account. In essence, they are self-employed trader.


A local participant can enjoy the following benefits:


Retail Transaction Incentive Program (RTIP)

Bursa Malaysia Derivatives (BMD) will be introducing the Retail Transaction Incentive Program (RTIP) in which to increase trading participation in the retail segment of the Malaysia derivatives market.

Read more:


Associate Participant

Associate Participant jpeg

Read more:


Should you have any enquiries, please contact:

Ms Kiang Jia Ling – 03-2162 1628 / 03-9212 2828

Risk Disclaimer:
Trading in any products carry a certain degree of risk and may not be suitable to all investors. You should fully understand the risks involved before you engage in trading these products.

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